International Conference «Social Sciences Today: Current Issues and New Horizons»

The International Conference «Social Sciences Today: Current Issues and New Horizons» will be held at Tomsk State University, Faculty of Philosophy on 24-25 April 2015 in Tomsk, Russia. We call for papers from undergraduates, PhD students, and junior faculty. We welcome your active participation. Sections:
  • Section 1. Trends and prospects in modern social reality development.
  • Section 2: Philosophy and methodology of science.
  • Section 3: History of philosophy, logic and philosophy of language.
  • Section 4: Philosophical problems of the arts and sciences.
  • Section 5: Sociology today.
  • Section 6: Prospects for political science: Russian and world experience.
  • Section 7: Hot topics in social work theory and practice.
  • Section 8: Humanitarian information science: a study of the information society and the social problems of informatization.
  • Section 9. English-Speaking Session. “Scholarly Writing and Presentation”
Please fill out the application form ( or send the letter to the curator. Abstracts should be 300 words maximum. Abstracts received after the deadline of 05 April 2015 will not be considered. The 3 best presentations in each section will be identified at the end of the Conference in two categories: «young researchers» (PhD students and graduate students) and «students» (1nd-4th year students). Participants of the Conference are responsible for their travel and accommodation expenses. Other information:

Conference page