English-Speaking Colloquium on Analytic Philosophy, May 4

The next meeting of our English-Speaking Colloquium on Analytic Philosophy will take place this Thursday, May 4, at 4.35 p.m. in room 308 (4th building).

Maxim Temnikov will give a talk with the title

Ramachandran’s Objection to the Russellian Theory of Definite Descriptions

The presentation is devoted to the controversy between the Russellian and the Strawsonian views on definite descriptions. I am going to present an argument put forward by Ramachandran in favor of the Strasownian view. Ramachandran points to the fact that in some situations, a sentence containing a definite description may appear unintelligible whereas its Russellian paraphrase is quite intelligible. Thus the phenomenon of unintelligibility reveals a flaw in the Russellian view.

Everybody is welcome!