The English-Speaking Colloquium (January 15)

The next meeting of the English-Speaking Colloquium on Analytic Philosophy will take place on Monday, January 15, at 16.00 p.m. in Room 308, 4th Buidling.

Oleg Domanov (Novosibirsk) will give a talk entitled


Type-theoretical semantics is a sort of proof-theoretical semantics, which is alternative to model-theoretical approach in formal semantics. It takes meaning as depending not on truth, but on proofs: meaning is not something reducible to truth conditions but is to be calculated according to certain rules. The presentation deals with a version of this semantics based on Martin-Löf’s intuitionistic theory of types. We will consider main principles of the theory, its application to the formalization of natural languages, and ways to solve some mysterious semantic puzzles. Special emphasis will be put on the formalization of contexts and beliefs.

1. Ranta A. Type-Theoretical Grammar. — Clarendon Press, 1994.
2. Luo Z. Formal Semantics in Modern Type Theories with Coercive Subtyping // Linguistics and Philosophy. — 2012. — Nov. — Vol. 35, no. 6. — P. 491–513.

Everybody is welcome!